Table Tennis for schools
We extend a warm welcome to everyone.
Torbay Table Tennis Academy is very happy to work with schools to help all pupils to keep active by playing table tennis which is a great and fun way of keeping fit.
If you received the invitation from your school or our club then applying for the training session is so easy - Fill in the questionnaire by clicking the link below and come and play table tennis, it’s that simple:

The questionnaire must be filled in before the first session or at the first session, this is a requirement of our Safeguarding policy.
Please be sure that you wear a T-shirt / shorts or tracksuit bottoms and also sport shoes are required. All table tennis equipment will be provided by the club.
Any questions please feel free to contact us by filling the form on the contact page but please make sure that you use the reference “Table Tennis for Schools“
this is very important. Thank you.
We really look forward to meeting you and introducing you
to the wonderful sport of Table Tennis in a fun and friendly way !!!