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All abilities and ages welcome;
league players and non-league players  

Supported by
Bribar Table Tennis @ Torbay Table Tennis Academy @ Torquay Academy
@ Table Tennis England

Three main prizes
These three prizes will be awarded to the three players with most points 
at the end of the competition at week 6. 

1st place                          2nd place                        3rd place    
    £30 Cash prize                      £20 Cash prize                      £10 Cash prize
      £10 Voucher                         £10 Voucher                        £10 Voucher

Don’t want to have a long break from table tennis during the summer?
Thinking about playing in the League next season
but do you need more preparation?
Want to play for fun, meet new people and win some prizes?

This is tournament for you!

 Six Fridays

   1 June 2018, 8 June 2018, 22 June 2018, 29 June 2018, 6 July 2018,13 July 2018

Registration: 6:30 pm  
Start / Finish: 6:45 – 8:45 pm   
Place: Torquay Academy - Sport Hall
Cost: £5 per night or £25 for all 6 nights 

Come and register on the day at 6:30pm prompt to make our life easier
or by sending a text message to our team member to 07724529716

Every Friday we will have a Division Winner
who will be awarded a small prize. 

Players who complete all 6 Fridays will have a better chance of winning one of three main prizes as the points from each Friday will be accumulated.
This will give us three winners on the final Friday, 13 July.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
Torbay Table Tennis Academy
Email: or by sending text message to 07724529716

Tournament rules:  

- Players need to be in the hall at 6:30 pm for registration.
We want to start all the games at 6:45 pm.  

- Each player will be allocated to a 5-6 player group (depending on the number of players), they will play in a round robin format. For league players we will use the league ranking to be sure that all players will compete on a similar level.

- Position points will be awarded to each player after each Friday, every player will receive 25 participation points every Friday for taking part.

Points system

Position points in a group
Participation points
1st place - 100 pts
25 pts
2nd place - 90 pts
25 pts
3rd place - 80 pts
25 pts
4th place - 70 pts
25 pts
5th place - 60 pts
25 pts
6th place - 50 pts
25 pts

- Each Division (5-6 players) will play their matches on 2-3 tables to run the Tournament smoothly and quickly. We have 18-20 tables available on the night.

- When players complete their matches, they are free to go home and do not have to wait until the end of the Competition.